Saturday, 14 September 2013

Music Video Brief

You have been asked to devise and make a promotional music video for the new act 'Tonic'. As a new act, the record label is keen that the first release appeal to a wide audience and establish an image that is both recognisably unique and appealing to their target audience. with this in mind, their first release will be a cover version and will be used as a platform for future original releases. the record label is happy for this release to be any of the three songs listed below and would like you to choose whichever one you can make a dynamic promo for, as the key thing is to get them exposed!

  • One of the reasons as to why we picked this brief is because we really liked the ideas which came with it. We really thought by picking this one we could let our imaginations run wild with the creativity. We felt as if we wouldn't have to focus mainly on the bands imagine and we could really make use of an arty, creative music video. I really like how we aren't that limited when it came to this band as we knew the conventions for a band like this so we understood the brief incredibly well.


Rob (25) Sam (24) James (25) and Nick (23), middle class lads.

Started the band in school and through the years eventually got signed to Rough Trade.

Their sound is 'Funky pop with and indie undertone'.

Influences are, Supergrass, Blur, Pulp, Queen.

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