Thursday, 12 September 2013

Codes and Conventions of the Indie Genre

Codes and Conventions of the Indie genre.

In the indie genre there are stereotypical things that are included. From the research we have done we have found out that usual camera shots in a music video within the indie genre include plenty of close-up shots of the band, especially the lead singer.

In indie genre music videos the settings tend to be more urban rather then rural as most of the time it goes with their sound and look.

Editing usually focuses on straight cuts as it is very common in the music videos. They are usually used repeatedly. By doing this it suggests a quick paced lifestyle as indie bands are often known to be always on the road.

In music videos of this genre props such as the band instruments are often used. Not all bands use these as some tend to follow a story and not have them playing in front of a camera all the time.

Costume is a big thing as it represents the band and you can tell a lot about them. A typical outfit would probably include black skinny jeans, hats or even black suits.

The lead singer is often positioned at the front of the band due to it being the person the audience will recognise the most. 

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