Monday, 16 September 2013

Monday 16th September - Lesson Journal.

In the lesson today we learnt that a digipak normally includes...
  • A front Cover
  • The CD
  • Songs
  • Lyrics
  • Band pictures
  • Images relating to song.
After putting some thought into what I would like the digipak to include our group came up with a brainstorm and these are some of the things we would like it to include...

For the final task we had a think about similar artists to our band and some of the things we got inspired by whilst thinking about them and here are the few...

  • Foo fighters - We thought about how they have a similar styles of music to our band, we felt as if they had a similar styles and we really enjoyed their creative funny music videos. 
  • Blur - We picked Blur because of their artistic, cartoon like album covers they have. We really liked this and we felt we would like to interoperate this in some sort of way on our digipak's and music video.
  • Oasis - We thought their style would help represent our band as when we picture our band we feel like they are casual males who don't take too much care with the way they dress. 
  • The Verve - We felt as if they have an incredibly similar music style to 'Tonic' plus we thought they had a similar appearance too.

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