Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Target Audience Opinion

My brother would be classed as the target audience for our band and Music Video and as a male who listens to the Indie genre I was sure to get his opinion and see if he would buy, listen to or avoid our band and their Music Video.

So what are you initial thoughts on this mini digipack?

Well my first thoughts are that its incredibly dark and not very colourful. I don't really like the name of the album but when I open it up I can see a lot of hard work has gone into it with the bright colours being layered against the background.

If you got given it for free would you give it a listen just on it appearance?

Yeah why not, seems fun.

What do you think of the Music Video? 

I think its great. I would definitely recommend it for others to watch. Its really fun and it's something you don't get bored watching.

Do you think both my print work go with the Music Video?

Yeah definitely, when you get to see the band at the end you can really tell.

And finally, what do you prefer the poster or digipack?

Um, probably the digipack I think the colours work better on the digipack compared to the poster.

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