Thursday, 30 January 2014

DigiPak and Poster to show on Thursday

This is the poster and the digipak I designed to show the class ready for feedback on Thursday. My feedback was that it felt a bit childish and really didn't help represent the indie genre of music at all. I wished to make it colourful and creative to go with the feel of the music video and name but now I have taken in the feedback I can understand where the points came from. I created the background myself to try and gain a sense of tie dye or paint splatters but I feel like it maybe does look too childlike. I feel like the silhouettes make it kind of child like also. Another comment was that I need to think more into the layout and what goes where I didn't take this into consideration either.

What I need to do next in order to improve will be to change the colour scheme of it, maybe play around with more darker colours. I want to play around with the opacity of the text so I can layer up different colours on a one colour background. Maybe that will help represent the title of the album too. The digipak as as a whole seems a little empty and so I plan on trying to fill out the panels more.

Other things I will need to consider and include will be the spine and the more information on the poster.

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