Monday, 23 December 2013

Re-Filming car scene - 23/11/13

Today we took to re-filiming the car scene. After editing the first time we felt it needed tot be much more professional looking as the other one moved to fast and was incredibly shaky. This time we ensured the camera stayed still and that we moved the cars slower leaving it to look much smoother once edited. A reason as to why this is a key scene for us is the fact that we wish to bring Goodwins music video theory into our Music Video. One of the key conventions is intertextual referencing which is what our video was lacking. Since we have an indie band we wanted them to reflect on the coolness of being British we wanted to insert a reference which would be easily recognisable as it can be assumed people who listen to this style of music will be able to identify The Italian Job reference. In order to do this we decided to re-shoot the car scene and turn it into a mini car chase scene, using mini coopers to reference the italian job. 

An issue we found we were having was with the models and how they were starting to fall apart considering how much we had to move them. They were originally put together with cocktail sticks but as a way we are going to over come this problem we plan on pulling them apart and building them up with wire leaving them much more flexible then before.

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