Monday, 7 October 2013

Monday 7th October

In todays lesson we planned our digipaks even more, we all got handed a piece of paper to fold into six and to draw out and plan roughly what we would like to include in our digipaks. I have a rough idea on what I would like to include in my digipak, I'd like to keep it simple and not have it too over whelming.  after planning the digipak and drawing it out I found myself with two spare squares so I plan to do more research into other digipaks so I can gain a rough idea on what I would like to fill my final squares with.

In order to complete the digipak here are the things I will need to do in the up coming weeks:

- Photograph males for silhouette images in an appropriate location
- Photograph plasticine and play dough
- Make text out of plasticine and play dough.

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